Welcome to Ovaltop: We always have animals and embryos of all ages for sale, call, email or stop by! Ovaltop named Premier Breeder & Exhibitor at 2019 Northeast National Red & White Show at PA All-American Shows!
Premier Breeder & Exhibitor 2017 & 2018 International Red & White Spring Show!

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Our Nov-Dec 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring Ovaltop Ladd P Renait-RED EX 90 @3yrs! We are counting our blessings and express our sincere thanks to all the prayers and well wishes extended to Mike as he continues to recover from his illness. It is greatly appreciated.

Our October 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring our 2020 NYS Futurity Winner- Ovaltop Rlty Roselea-RED -Dam is VG 88 Ovaltop Colt-P RED - next 9 dams all EX in the Roxy family! Extra Cattle of All Ages For Sale- including show age calves!

Our September 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring Classification Results- 8 New Excellents and 10 new VG 2 year olds! Ovaltop Sid Kracker EX 90 @3 yrs! EX 91 MS, backed by 6 Generations of Excellent Dams!

Our May/June 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring our Century Cows Lemax Valiant Nada 3E 94 DOM and Jon-Lu Advent Rona-RED-ET 2E 91! These 2 special cows have many family descendants in our present herd!

Our April 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring 4 Special Show Age Calves selling in the Delaware County Holstein Club Sale on May 9. If sale is cancelled, they will be available via private treaty. We also have Fresh 2 Yr Olds for sale, call for details!

Our February-March 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring Ovaltop Bwire Ruby-RED-ET 2019 Reserve All NY Red & White Yearling and Best Bred & Owned! Ruby is one of the 23 dtrs of Jon-Lu Advent Rona-RED-ET 2E-91

Our January 2020 NY News Ad is online- Featuring our All New York Honors! Check them out!

Our ads from 2012-2018 are on an Ad Archive page, check them out!

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